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NPCs Menu

In the Game Menu, the NPC Menu brings up a selection of all the Non Player Characters (NPCs) which you can create. Friend or enemy NPCs can be created from this menu. Click on one and it is immediately created at the place where the crosshair was when the Game Menu was opened.


  • Disable AI
NPCs will freeze in their tracks and won't think, act or animate at all.
  • Keep Corpses
Corpses disappear after a while. (This is apparently bugged. NPCs will not disappear)
  • Ignore Player
If this option is checked NPCs will ignore all players no matter what.
  • Allow join player's squad
If this option is checked NPCs associated with the resistance will join you and follow you around.
  • NPC Weapon
Makes the NPCs spawn with a weapon equipped.
Some NPCs can't use all weapons, some can't use them at all.

Additional Notes

A list of weapons that is overflown with custom content.

Known Issues/Bugs

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