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Props Menu

The Props Menu is a menu within the Game Menu which allows you to spawn a variety of props (also known as models) into the game world. Props are the basic building blocks of Garry's Mod. They are simply objects that allow you to build anything you want, from scenery to contraptions.

The Props Menu is divided into two sections, the top are is where the Spawnlists are stored, and the bottom area is where their contents are displayed.


Spawnlists are collections of props that contain related items. There are a number of built-in spawn lists that are available as soon as you start playing Garry's Mod:

As the props from Half Life 2 are available by default in Garry's Mod there is a huge range of props available from that game, already divided into spawnlists. Each new Source game you mount on Garry's Mod will get it's own Spawnlists, as well as any model packs you install.

The Spawnlists are stored in you Garry's Mod save files:

Spawning Props

The Prop menu is the default view for the Game Menu and is accessible by pressing the menu button (by default the "Q" key) and clicking the "Props" tab.

Clicking a props icon will spawn it wherever the cross-hairs are pointed in-game.

Additional Notes

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