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Vehicles Menu

The Vehicles Menu is part of the Game Menu and it is where you can spawn drivable vehicles for your game.

Available Vehicles

Garry's Mod comes with a wide selection of vehicles as default:

There are also a large number of custom vehicles available form other sources such as

Common Uses

Vehicles are useful for traversing large maps but also can be modified by welding props to them (e.g. turrets, metal plating) or colouring them using the Paint Tool.

A method of modification is using the No Collide Tool's secondary fire on the vehicle, then moving an object (e.g. toilet, plastic chair, Dr Kleiner) to the space where the seat is.
The objects is welded to the vehicle and the Paint Tool sets the vehicle's opaque factor to zero. This, combined with the No Collide, effectively makes the vehicle invisible. This results in an illusion that makes the player appear to "drive" the object.
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