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This page outlines my idea for a new page format which would hopefully make pages look more tidy.


The {{Details}} Template

The new {{Details}} template (as shown at the top of this page) under the new formatting would be used at the top of the page rather than a {{Review}}, {{Mess}}, {{Deletion}} or {{Stub}} etc. Those Templates would instead be placed in the ==Page Details== section at the base of each page.

This would hopefully make the top of the page less cluttered on the "worse offenders"

The Page Details Section

The new Page Details section (as shown at the base of this page) under the new formatting would be used at the bottom of the page, and would contain:

If none of the above are needed, then a Page Details section would not be added.



Your feedback on the two examples above and this whole consept would be apreciated! Use the Talk Page to share your feelings. If it is totally unpopular, then affected pages will be reverted.

Page Details

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Page white text.png Description:An example of a new, tidier format for pages
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(This is a proposed new look for the Article template)

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