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The Addons For Dummies guide covers basic information for installing addons in Gmod 10 and links to articles for specific types of Addons.


Your Garry's Mod base folder

To be able to add any addons, you need to know where your Gmod base folder is.

Within this folder are a number of sub-folders in which you can save different types of addons. Do not however mess about with the folders too much, or you may have to 'clean' gmod.

Downloading addons

All you have to do to get the access to download an addon is to use the "Sign in with Steam" button, and verify that you have Garry's Mod.

Using Internet Explorer 7+

  1. Find an addon you like from
  2. Once you find one that you like, click on the "Download File" button to begin the download.
  3. A dialog box will appear asking "Do you want to open or save this file?" and displays the {ADDON_NAME}.zip folder (in which your addon is sent). Click Save.
  4. Another dialog box will open asking where you would like to save the file. It doesn't really matter where the file is saved, so long as you can find it again later. For Xp, the Desktop is a safe bet. For Vista / 7 the default Downloads folder will be fine. Select you folder then click Save.
  5. Wait for the download to complete.

Using Mozilla Firefox 3.6

  1. On the menu bar click, click Tools > Options. In the General tab under Downloads the "Save files to" option should be selected. The folder displayed next to it is where all of your downloads are saved. The default folder should be fine, but you can change it if necessary. Remember the selected folder, as you'll need to be able to find your downloaded addons there later.
  2. Find an addon you like from
  3. Once you find one that you like, click on the Download File button to begin the download.
  4. A dialog box will appear asking "What should Firefox do with this file?" and displays the {ADDON_NAME}.zip folder (in which your addon is sent). Select Save File, then click OK.
  5. A new dialog box will appear showing the progress of your download. Wait for the download to complete.

Cleaning your copy of Garry's mod

Sometimes when you download too many addons, or a faulty one, it is necessary to 'clean' your copy of Gmod. There are 3 tiers of cleaning:

1. Vet the folder

  1. Enter your Garry's Mod base folder, then enter the "garrysmod" folder inside.
  2. Delete all of the folders inside except:
  • models
  • materials
  • particles
  • screenshots
  • sound
  • shaders
  • Don't delete the "addons" folder, if you wish to keep your addons. The same goes for your gamemodes ("gamemodes" folder), custom key-bindings ("cfg\congig.cfg" file), tool presets("settings\presets" folder), addon data ("data" folder) and spawn icons ("spawnicons" folder).

2. Reset to factory settings

  1. Delete your Garry's Mod base folder (by deleting the "garrysmod" folder in "C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\{STEAM_USERNAME})
  2. Enter Steam and play Garry's Mod. The Garry's Mod folders will be replaced with a fresh new set.

3. Re-download & Reinstall

Notepad-48.png Not recommended unless something is severely wrong with your garrysmod install, or it did not download correctly

  1. Enter Steam and right click on Garry's Mod in the games list.
  2. Click Delete local content... In the dialog box that appears click OK.
  3. Delete your Garry's Mod base folder (by deleting the "garrysmod" folder in "C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\{STEAM_USERNAME})
  4. Enter Steam and re-download Garry's Mod.

How to Install addons

This section will explain how to install various things, as well as what to do if an addon doesn't have an info.txt.

To install an addon:

  1. Extract it from the .zip/.rar it comes in(how-to covered below)
  2. Drag the folder that contains the info.txt to the "\addons\" folder. If you don't have an addons folder, create it.

Situations where one doesn't simply drag the folder inside the .zip to "\addons\":

Put "\AddonName\" into "\addons\".

Create a folder in "\addons\" with the same name as the .zip; in this case "\tacoa\". Put the info.txt and other .files and \folders\ inside "\tacoa\".

(If the info.txt were located like: "..\\win\burrito\info.txt"; you would extract the burrito folder to your "\addons\" so it created "..\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\burrito\info.txt". If the info.txt were located such as "\addons\burrito\info.txt", you would extract all the folders in to your "\garrysmod\garrysmod\" folder, so it created "\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\burrito\info.txt" and whatever else.)

If an addon does not contain an info.txt: Unless specified otherwise you can generally create one:

        "name"              "Addon name"
        "version"           "Current Version"
        "up_date"           "Date of update"
        "author_name"       "Addon's Author"
        "author_email"      ""
        "info"              "Addon's Info"
        "override"          "0"

None of it is really relevant as to what it's set to, just copy and paste that into a text file called "info.txt". The placement of the files in the addon can be confusing at times, if not laid out well. It generally goes along these lines:

Popular Addons

Page url.gif Wiremod

Author:Erkle, Wire Team
Original Release Date:Date
Last Update:February 2010
Working Project:Yes
Description:The mod allows the user to spawn gates, sensors, inputs and outputs and wire them together so a working computer-like contraption can be made in Garry's Mod.
Download:"right">SVN Download:
Gmod Wiki Page:Wiremod

Other SVN Addons

More popular SVN distributed addons can be found here.

Installing Skins

No information available...

Installing Gamemodes

Generally game modes have a folder structure similar to:

Installing Maps

See the Installing Maps page.

Advanced Dupes

SVN Installation

  1. Download a suitable SVN client. TortoiseSVN is the one this tutorial is written for.
  2. Find your "garrysmod" folder (usually C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[steam_username]\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons).
  3. Right-Click on the "addons" folder and select "SVN Checkout".
  4. Type the SVN address (example: into the first text box and type the full address of your addons folder into the second (see step 2). Username is "anonsvn" and password is also "anonsvn".
  5. When it is done downloading, you can delete the .svn file in your "addons" folder.
  6. Every so often, right-click on your "addons" folder and select "SVN update" to check for updates to your SVNs.

Alternatively, SVN Tutorial:

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