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Yarin Kaul Icon FilmReel48.png Post Processing EffectYarin Kaul Icon ArrowSquare32 left.png Back
Star.png Type:Post processing effect
Page white text.png Notes:-A real time post processing effect,
duplicates and blurs from a certain distance.


The foreground objects remain in focus while the background is blurred real time.

This post processing effect is used to simulate real-life imperfect depth focus. Commonly used in photography, Depth of Field can be an artistic tool used to personify one subject, in other words, it blurs other unimportant things in the background while keeping the main object in focus.


DoF on/off (check box)
Enables/ Disables the post processing filter.
Presets (drop down list)
A list of available saved DoF profiles.
Spacing between nodes (slider)
The space between the different sections that the program draws, blurriness.
Initial node distance (slider)
This determines where the blurring will start.

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Bloom Depth of Field Motion Blur Material Overlay Color Modification Morph Sharpen Sun Beams Super DoF

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