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Tables are collections of objects.

If you see something like, lets say for example, table:Player, what that means is that it's describing a table with nothing but player objects in it.

It can also describe a structure, such as table:Bullet, which means a table as a bullet structure.

See for information on what you can do with tables this article.

Here's a list of functions to get you started.

Library Functions

NewerShared.png table.Add
NewerShared.png table.ClearKeys
NewerShared.png table.CollapseKeyValue
NewerShared.png table.concat
NewerShared.png table.Copy
NewerShared.png table.CopyFromTo
NewerShared.png table.Count
NewerShared.png table.DeSanitise
NewerShared.png table.Empty
NewerShared.png table.FindNext
NewerShared.png table.FindPrev
NewerShared.png table.ForceInsert
NewerShared.png table.foreach
NewerShared.png table.foreachi
NewerShared.png table.GetFirstKey
NewerShared.png table.GetFirstValue
NewerShared.png table.GetLastKey
NewerShared.png table.GetLastValue
NewerShared.png table.getn
NewerShared.png table.GetWinningKey
NewerShared.png table.HasValue
NewerShared.png table.Inherit
NewerShared.png table.KeyFromValue
NewerShared.png table.KeysFromValue
NewerShared.png table.insert
NewerShared.png table.IsSequential
NewerShared.png table.LowerKeyNames
NewerShared.png table.maxn
NewerShared.png table.Merge
NewerShared.png table.Random
NewerShared.png table.remove
NewerShared.png table.Sanitise
NewerShared.png table.setn
NewerShared.png table.sort
NewerShared.png table.SortByKey
NewerShared.png table.SortByMember
NewerShared.png table.sortdesc
NewerShared.png table.ToString

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