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General Effects

Effect Name Description
AirboatGunImpact Makes a wooden, high-pitch "knock" sound
AirboatGunHeavyTracer Makes a bigger version of the Pulse-rifle Tracer.
AirboatGunTracer Similar to the Pulse-rifle Tracer, only visible from above.
AntlionGib Yellow Blood Cloud
AR2Tracer Self-descripting. Visible from all directions except under it
AR2Explosion Pulse-rifle-schemed explosion.
AR2Impact The bullet effect when you shoot at a wall with the Pulse-rifle.
BoltImpact Spawns a non-glowing, non-moving bolt
BloodImpact Purple Blood Effect, linear
CommandPointer A cheap imitation of the red dot on the RPG weapon. Slightly transparent. I believe

this was used in the HL2 beta for the Commander system.

cball_bounce When the combine ball collides with a surface. Sparkles + surface effect.
cball_explode Small Flash and lots of sparkles.
EjectBrass_9mm Ejects a 9mm brass gib. dissapears after a while. makes sounds on collision.
EjectBrass_12Gauge Ejects a shotgun brass gib. dssapears after a while. makes sounds on collision.
Explosion Explosion and sound.
GlassImpact White dust, small flying gibs of glass.
GaussTracer Golden fading line
gunshotsplash Water splash like when you shoot in the water + sound
GunshipTracer 2x the size of the pulse-rifle tracer
HelicopterMegaBomb Fire explosion.
HelicopterImpact Plays a flesh hit sound in player's game, the AR2impact effect and a sparkles effect.
HelicopterTracer Similar to GunshipTracer effect
ImpactJeep based on EffectSetStart, it makes a grey cloud, rock gibs where you're standing.
ImpactGauss Same as impactjeep
Impact Similar to ImpactJeep, but with darker smoke
ImpactGunship Similar to Impact, but bigger.
MuzzleEffect Makes a muzzle flash based on EffectSetStart
ManhackSparks A fountain of sparks
PhyscannonImpact Didn't do anything in my test
RagdollImpact Grey Dust like when you shoot a ragdoll at a wall
RifleShellEject Ejects a long brass gib. dssapears after a while. makes sounds on collision.
RPGShotDown Makes a brief flash and a metallic impact sound
StunstickImpact White flash on surface, some sparks.
SMOKE Makes a stream of smoke. continuous.
ShakeRopes Didn't do anything in my test
StriderMuzzleFlash A three pronged muzzle flash. Similar to AR2 but bigger.
StriderBlood Yellow Blood Splash with droplets
StriderTracer Similar to AR2 tracer
ShellEject Ejects a big brass gib. dissapears fast. makes sounds on collision.
ShotgunShellEject Ejects a shotgun brass gib. dissapears fast. makes sounds on collision.
Sparkle Didn't do anything in my test
Sparks Creates sparks, similar to the ones when metal scrapes ground.
TeslaZap Lightning
TeslaHitBoxes Shoots lightning around your head
Tracer Small tracer, 9mm-like
TracerSound Didn't do anything in my test. Probably for near-miss sounds.
ThumperDust The Thumper Dust effect
WaterSurfaceExplosion Makes the water splash, a water surface, and an explosion sound
watersplash Similar as to when someone walks in water
waterripple Creates a water ripple on a water surface when origin is near water.
WheelDust The dust a wheel makes when it rolls.

Base Gamemode Effects

Effect Name Description
dof_node Basic material effect used by depth of field effect.
ToolTracer The tool shoot effect used by the Tool Gun.

Sandbox Gamemode Effects

Effect Name Description
balloon_pop Effect of a balloon popping.
entity_remove The sparks when you remove something
inflator_magic The sparks when you inflate a ragdoll
LaserTracer Laser shot effect usable by the turret tool.
phys_freeze The effect when you freeze something.
phys_unfreeze The effect when you unfreeze something.
propspawn The prop spawn effect when you spawn a prop (use effectdata:SetEntity( yourent ) )
selection_indicator Indicator effect used by the toolgun.
selection_ring Ring around used the selection_indicator effect.
wheel_indicator Indicator effect to show the direction of a wheel. (Used by the wheel toolgun.)

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