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Information 16x16.png Type:Visual tool
link={{{PAGENAME}}} Primary fire:Applies the specified material to the selected prop.
Wrench orange.png Secondary fire:Removes any applied material from the selected prop.
Page white text.png Notes:Alters the texture of the selected prop.


The Material tool modifies the texture of props.


  1. Press and hold the "Q" key to bring up the main menu.
  2. On the right hand side of the screen under the "Garry's Mod" tab, select the material tool from the menu.
  3. Adjust the tool's controls to your liking and release the "Q" key.
  4. Apply the specified material settings to a prop using the primary fire button.
  5. Remove any colour settings from a prop using the secondary fire button.


Material to Apply 
A list of textures to choose from.
  • Blue Glow - A static wave like blue glow.
  • Combine Ball - A scrolling lightning like texture.
  • Combine Ball 2 - A colorful scrolling ray like texture.
  • Combine Funnel - A scrolling blue green wave like texture.
  • Combine Shield - A scrolling blue tinted water like refractive texture.
  • Combine Stasis - A scrolling blue energy like refractive texture.
  • Cubemap - A static reflective texture.
  • Frosted Glass - A static green tinted refractive texture.
  • Jelly - A scrolling pink tinted refractive texture.
  • Matte White - A flat white texture.
  • Screen Space - Creates a texture of what you are viewing on your screen.
  • Shiny White - A reflective white texture.
  • Stained Glass - A multicolor tinted refractive texture.
  • Tank Glass - A orange water like refractive texture.
  • RT Camera - A projection from a render target camera.
  • Cloudy Guts - A scrolling water like pink tinted refractive texture.
  • Volume Light - A nearly transparent yellow tinted texture.
  • Water - A scrolling water like blue tinted refractive texture.
  • Wireframe - A textureless wireframe.

Useful hints

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