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Information 16x16.png Type:Visual tool
link={{{PAGENAME}}} Primary fire:Spawn a camera.
Wrench orange.png Secondary fire:No action
Page white text.png Notes:


Spawns a camera.


The camera tool in Garry's Mod 10 is pretty easy to use. Here is a step by step guide to setting up a camera.

  1. Go to the menu by holding down "Q" and selecting Cameras at the bottom of the Tools tab.
  2. Select a keypad Button that you want to use to toggle the view of this camera.
  3. Move to the position, so that you are viewing where you what the camera to view ( This position can be easily modified by the phys gun.)
  4. Click when you are finally ready, a camera should spawn in your position. You're done.
  5. If the camera is being used to view a moving vehicle, weld the camera to any part of the vehicle, and it will move along with it.


A screen shot of the camera tool options.
A camera in-game with its assigned key ("0" in this case) above it.
View Camera (Key Selector)
When the highlighted key is pressed, the user's view changes to the camera's view.
Static (Check Box)
Toggles whether the camera is immobile or mobile. It keeps people from moving your cameras around. However, if you weld something to a static camera, it won't be able to move either.
Toggle (Check Box)
When checked, pressing the trigger key will switch to the camera's view, and pressing the trigger key again will return. When toggle is unchecked, a player must hold the "View Camera" key that they assigned to the camera to keep the camera up.

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