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War Devices
A cannon is any contraption that launches props. The projectiles will often explode on contact. These contraptions will often include somekind of targeting system, anything from manual targetting using the Physgun to complex Wire systems.


The most common projectile type is the "explosive" projectile. These are commonly used due to their ability to do damage over an area, ignite props and destroy wooden crates/other destructable props.

Another common type of projectile is the "huge prop" projectile, designed to smash through everything in its way. These include cars, shipping containers, trucks etc.

The most entertaining projectile is the "powered" projectile. This projectile is essentially one of the previous projectile types with a thruster attatched to it. These are often more deadly but harder to accurately aim. Should the projectile have the ability to manouvre in flight, it should be classed as a missile.

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