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There are currently two ways of adding new addons on Garry's Mod. The first way is through the new Toybox feature accessible in-game. For most people this way will be sufficient, and there are a huge range of props, weapons, entities, maps and more available.

This guide contains details on how to manually add addons, maps & gamemodes to your Garry's Mod installation folders. While this guide does help simplify the process, it is advisable only to follow it if the addons you want are unavailable through the Toybox service.

Addons Guide

This guide is intended to make manually adding addons much easier and smoother for both newbies and regular players alike.

It gives details on finding and installing addons, maps & gamemodes.

To use this guide you need to find your Garry's Mod folder.

or Finder\USER\Library\Application Support\Steam\SteamApps\USERNAME\

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