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Great job on the user messages tutorial! --Cringerpants 19:11, 9 February 2007 (GMT Standard Time)

I have some rough ideas for improving the wiki on my user page if you want to take a look. --Ortzinator 23:25, 29 November 2006 (GMT Standard Time)



Can you leave the example section intact when adding the {{need_example}} template? It will be easier to fill in an example whenever somebody does. --TheJ89 21:16, 4 December 2006 (GMT Standard Time)

Any ideas on this?

When you posted in J86's dicussion page you told me that garry was the person that knew the functions. That's alot to put on one person, why don't you guys no it at all? under the "Team Garry" at his home page it says there are around 4 lua scripters and your telling me garrys the one person that knows anything?

To be in 100% honesty i would contact him and simply ask him to anwser my questions then i would fill out AS MANY of these wiki articles as i could, but how do i do this?

He doesn't respond to my e-mails and i really have no other means of contacting him although im sure he is busy, but i just would like to help programmers like me out by not keeping them waiting for these functions to be defined. Zanbastic II 03:40, 21 May 2007 (GMT-5)

thanks for nothing yet again!?

provide me with a method to contact garry and i can fill them out myself, real life can be time consuming... but someone has gotta be working on this, possibly garrys, and he may or may not be the one working on it. Couldn't you just use the + symbol next to edit? makes it more simplistic, and i do get notified seeing how i was notified when you posted on my page, thanks for the concern, just send me his good e-mail so my request doesn't get buried in the black void that is his _offical_ mail thus not allowing me to get any true information to fix these pages in ways. Zanbastic II 04:44, 29 May 2007 (GMT-5)

Protecting the contraption template

Looking through its history, people seem to either mistakenly edit it because they have no clue what they are doing, or they blank it just to be annoying, and it's used in a lot of articles. Although it isn't a huge problem, there really isn't any reason for anyone to need to edit it.

Wedge 22:49, 18 December 2007 (GMT+1)

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