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What is Narwhal?

Narwhal is a lightweight framework which makes coding efficient and extensible gamemodes in Garry's Mod quite a bit easier. With Narwhal you can easily add new features to your gamemodes without needing to worry about conflicting code. It also makes coding large gamemodes in a team atmosphere significantly easier.

What's that? You want to use Narwhal but you're already using a different gamemode base? We got you covered. Narwhal can derive from ANY gamemode! You can read more about it here.

How do I use Narwhal?

Narwhal is a gamemode base which means you're meant to build your gamemode on top of it. This is what you call deriving.

It isn't bloated and full of useless features. It comes few a few simple features that can make your gamemodes cleaner and more efficient. It doesn't come with a rounds or classes system like Fretta. If you want those, you can just make a Narwhal module for it.

Narwhal is available for download at GitHub so all you need to do is download it, derive from it, and start making your gamemode!


Gamemode blue.png Narwhal Hooks
The hooks defined in Narwhal
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List of functions and methods defined in Narwhal.
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To help you learn how to use Narwhal
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Articles about Narwhal that don't fit in a category
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Gamemodes created with Narwhal
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