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This page shows the options available in the Settings menu under the Utilities tab in the Game Menu.

Server Password
This will set the password required to join the server. This works in Multiplayer only.
Allow Flying (Noclip)
If this is on, you can fly around by typing noclip in the console.
Bind a key to noclip by typing this in the console: bind v noclip
God Mode
This will make all players invulnerable.
Enable PvP Damage
This will allow players to hurt each other with weapons.
This setting changes the gravity. The default is 600.
Physics Timescale
This setting changes how fast the physics work in the game.
Lowering this has an effect similar to slow-motion.
Physics Iterations
Controls how realistic the physical reactions are: lower means more real/accurrate reactions; higher means more alterations take place making it cartoonistic.

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