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Here you can find a list of public SVNs. If you don't know what SVN is or how to use it, check SVN.


Batch File Updates


the usefulness of this ability is that when you execute the batch file, it updates a svn linked addon then closes the svn updater going to the next svn link and updating that until all of the specified svn folders are updated making it very simple to update a server more frequently.

save this as (filename).bat adjust the file parameters . If you will notice the code bellow you will see that anthing before the file name is not given, that is because its requesting the update withing the same directory as the batch file.

>>THE BATCH FILE WILL NOT WORK ANYWHERE<<, unless made to do so.

echo wire 
/path:"Folder Name\"

Here you can find an example which you may edit to consolidated your SVNs. the update batch file runs by file names, and not the SVN links.

@echo off
echo Updating SVNs...
echo Downloading Adv Duplicator...
TortoiseProc.exe /command:update /path:"Adv Duplicator\" /notempfile /closeonend:1
echo Downloading playerappearancecustomizer...
TortoiseProc.exe /command:update /path:"playerappearancecustomizer\" /notempfile /closeonend:1
echo Downloading phoenix-storms...
TortoiseProc.exe /command:update /path:"phoenix-storms\" /notempfile /closeonend:1
echo Downloading wire...
TortoiseProc.exe /command:update /path:"wire\" /notempfile /closeonend:1
echo Downloading wire model pack 1...
TortoiseProc.exe /command:update /path:"wire model pack 1\" /notempfile /closeonend:1
echo Update done.



Garry's Mod Parkour

Go Fish

Pirate Ship Wars

Winter Survival


Admin Tools



Falco's prop protection and anti-spam


New Admin


Server Secure Revival

GManage - Server Management System

Advanced MOTD

Alienate addons

Alienate: Life Cube 3

Alienate: Vehicles

Alienate: Iris Buster

Catdaemon Addons

Catdaemon: Shieldgen

Catdaemon: Rings

Catdaemon: Cloakgen

Catdaemon: Harvester

Catdaemon: Shuttle

Catdaemon: Shuttle Extras

Catdaemon: Weapon Stripper

Catdaemon: Wraith Dart

CubeSystems addons

CubeSystems: Life Cube

CubeSystems: Life Cube 2

CubeSystems: Supergate

CubeSystems: Energy Gates

CubeSystems: Admin GUI

Doctor Who

Drool HUD

Easy Engine


Garry's Mod Map Icons

Garry's Mod Spawn Icons

Garry's Mod Achievements

Garry's Mod Cannons

Player Appearance Customiser 2 (Garry's Mod Hat Maker)

GCombat Addons

GCombat Core

GCombat Extended


GMDM Resources

Half-Life 2 Beta Player Models

Halo Addons

Halo Player Models

Halo SWEPs

Life Support 2 Addons

Resource Distribution 2

Life Support 2: Petrol Mod

Life Support 2: Resource Transit Systems

Life Support 3: Custom Addons

Life Support 3:Space Build Model Pack

SpaceBuild Enhancement Project

NPC Control

PC Mod Addons

PC Mod

PC Mod 2

PewPew (New GCombat)

PHX Model Pack 3

Player Mod


Perfected Climb Swep



ShoTGuNGuY's Player Models

Sickness Models

Simple Prop Protection

Wolf Prop Protection

Simpson Skin

Spacebuild Enhancement Project (AKA Spacebuild Model Pack)

Star Trek Shuttle Pack

Stargate Addons


Stargate: Main

Stargate: Extras/Overloader

Stargate: Replicator

Stargate: GDO 1.4

Stargate: GDO 1.5

Stargate: McKay Pack

Stargate: Carter Pack

Stargate: Group System

Trooper Mini-Hack

Total Train Model Pack

Grannys Train Pack

VMF Suite Addons

VMF Suite

VMF Mega Pack

Wiremod Addons

Wire Mod: Complete

Wire Mod

Wire Model Pack

Wire Extras

Wire Rings

Advanced Duplicator

The SVN was moved, along with all the other Wire components.

Advanced Duplicator 2

Wire Mod 2



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