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Stranded Screenshot
Developer(s) Jakob, propdynamic
Version 2.2.1R3 (21 December 2008)1
Release date(s) September, 2007 (original release)
Septmeber 20082
Genre(s) Nonlinear Survial game3
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer



Garry's Mod Stranded is based on the Stranded games from Unreal Software. Stranded revolves around being stranded in an unknown enviroment and trying to surive. In order to survive, food, water, shelter and sleep is required. To progress in the game resources are needed by either minning or cutting down trees. Rocks found around the map for stones, copper, and iron as well as Tress for wood. Water can be obtained from any water source in the map. Skills can be upgraded by doing the related activitey such as mining to get xp more the mining skill. There are four bars in the upper left that show Health, Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue all showing the percentage of each status.


In this game the following is required to progress in tech level as well as surive


Food is produced by planting fruit seeds or cooking at a campfire or stove.


Seeds are aquried by looking at the ground and pressing the "Use" key. The six resources obtained from the method of foraging are Melon Seeds, Orange Seeds, Banana Seeds, Grain Seeds, Berries, and Herbs. Melons, Oranges, and Bananas are the only seeds that do not have to be processed in order to use them, they only need to be planted to grow fruit.

To plant a seed:

  1. Look at the ground.
  2. Hold "Qmenu" key.
  3. Click on the Planting tab.
  4. Pick the seed to plant. If the seed is in the inventory, the plant limit has not been reached, and not to close to another prop or plant than plating will take place.

Once the seed has been planted, it will take some time to grow.

WARNING: Counter-Strike: Source is needed to see the Orange or Banana models. It is recommended to plant only melons in the case Counter-Strike: Source is not installed.


The other way of obtaining edible food is to cook. Cooking requires a Campfire (spawn a wooden prop, then Q -> Commands -> Make Campfire) or a Stove (Q -> Commands -> Structures -> Stove). Cooking without a frying pan will take 5 seconds, cooking with a frying pan will take 2 seconds.

Cooking item Level Regain Resources
Rock Cake 0 5% hunger
2% health
  • Iron [2]
  • Herbs
Salad 0 10% hunger
5% health
  • Herbs [2]
Fried Fish 0 20% hunger
10% health
  • Bass
Fried Meat* 0 25% hunger
12% health
  • Meat
Sushi 0 30% hunger
15% health
  • Bass [2]
Casserole 0 40% hunger
20% health
  • Herbs [3]
  • Trout
Meatballs* 2 40% hunger
20% health
  • Meat
  • Spices
  • Water Bottle
Fish Soup 2 40% hunger
20% health
  • Spices [2]
  • Water Bottle [2]
  • Bass
  • Trout
Hamburger* 3 85% hunger
42% health
  • Meat [2]
  • Dough [2]
  • Water Bottle
Berry Pie 5 70% hunger
35% health
  • Berries [5]
  • Dough [2]
  • Water Bottle [2]
Bread 5 80% hunger
40% health
  • Dough [2]
  • Water Bottle
Shark Soup 15 85% hunger
42% health
  • Herbs [3]
  • Shark [2]
  • Spices [2]
Meal* 20 100% hunger
50% health
  • Herbs [5]
  • Spices [3]
  • Meat
  • Salmon

* Items marked with a star require meat. Meat may only be acquired from antlions or from an admin. If no antlions exist on the map, you can ask an admin to spawn an antlion burrow or to give you some meat.

Obtaining resources

Level Unlocks

Please note that these are the default unlocks - server owners may have added their own.

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