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Information 16x16.png Type:Construction tool
link={{{PAGENAME}}} Primary fire:Attach a thruster to the surface you're looking at.
Wrench orange.png Secondary fire:No action
Page white text.png Notes:The thrusters force will vary depending on the model you use, a mx power soda can will not have as much force as a Fat canister at max (See note 3 under Useful Hints below).


Adding a thruster to an object allows you to propel it at the push of a button. You can choose between several thruster models, you can set the amount of thrust and influence the style of the thrusters effect.


  1. Just left click a surface to attach a thruster to it.


Thruster Model 
How the thruster will look and how large it will be.
Thruster Effect 
Style of the exhaust flame.
Thruster Force 
The amount of force the thruster can apply to the object it is attached to.
The button you have to press to make the thruster push.
The button you have to press to make the thruster push in the inverse direction (= pull).
Toggle On 
Whether the thruster stays on after releasing the key assigned to it.
Collide with attached object 
Active when Damaged 
If activated, the thruster fires as soon as it receives damage.

Useful hints

  1. You don't have to remove and re-attach a thruster to change its settings. Just press primary attack while looking at it and it will adopt whatever you've set to the tool's options in that moment.
  2. You can get greater power precision by manually typing the values in beside the sliders.
  3. Since January of 2008, most thrusters will not generate more than 10 000 thrust unless their weight (mass) is increased. Choosing a larger thruster model will also bypass this problem, as they have a higher weight. If some of your older contraptions fail to be pushed by thrusters and they once were, this is probably why.
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