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Name:Text Screen Flash Info
Description:Makes a text screen text show one by one
Original Author:B.Fox
Notes: Updated by Ciyborg Delta1 because of updates to Wiremod

Hello this will show you how to make a screen with flashing text

You will need
(1) Text Screen with no default text
(1) Gate string -- Select chip
(1) Gate Arithmetic -- Round chip
(1) Gate Comparison -- Greater than chip
(1) Gate Time -- Timer chip
(1) Constant Value. You need to set it to 2 value's the first value is how many seconds each text string will show up on the screen and the second value is how many text strings you want
(1) Constant String. This is where you enter the text you want to show up on the screen. i.e. Say I want the screen to do "Hello" FLASH "world" then we put a 2 in the second value of the Constant Value chip and on the Constant String you put Hello in the first line and World in the second line. Remember if you want the screen to flash more text strings you will need to change the second value on the Constant Value chip.


(Text screen) String -> Select chip
(Select chip) Choice -> Round chip
(Greater than chip) A -> Round chip
(Greater than chip) B -> Second Value on the Constant value chip
(Round chip) A -> Timer chip
(Timer chip) Run -> First Value on the Constant value chip
(Timer chip) Reset -> Greater than Chip
Now this part depends on how many text strings you have
(Select chip) A -> First string on your Constant String chip
(Select chip) B -> Second string on your Constant String chip
and so on and so on....

If you have done it right your screen will start to flash the text you put into the Constant string chip.


Any problems found add the problem to the bottom of this page and I will work it out.

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By B.Fox, Edited by Ciyborg Delta1


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