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You can create a table by simply typing local TableName = { }
In the { } you can place data, be sure to use commas!

To execute the stuff you will need to use string.find and for commands which will be showed in the example below.

DescriptionDisables the listed props
Used onNewerServer.png
Here is an example:
local Models = { "models/props_combine/CombineTrain02b.mdl", //Declares the start of the table
"models/props_combine/CombineTrain02a.mdl",//Add a prop
"models/props_combine/CombineTrain01.mdl" };//Add last prop and finish table
local function BlockProps( Player, Model )//Create the function
	for _, Value in pairs( Models ) do// If found run do
		if string.find( Model, Value ) then //Finds the string
			return false; //Returns pop false
		end //ends the for
	end //ends the if
end //ends the function
hook.Add( "PlayerSpawnProp", "BlockProps", BlockProps ); //Creates the hook on PlayerSpawnProp
OutputChecks if the prop is on the table and disables spawning of that prop

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