Steam Workshop Downloader    My easy auto-extracting tool. Should now work for any steam game that supports public downloads. :)

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Paste a URL and get a ZIP; nothing more, nothing less! No manual extraction required!

Big files take a moment to process! Let me know if you have any problems! Only humans are allowed to use this service!
Latest downloads (time and url):
December 27th 2017

Well, it looks like my tiny download tool has been getting an unexpected increase in traffic. Steam changed their APIs which broke other download websites, but I use a different API endpoint so my tool still works.

My downloader is different from others because it actually extracts and ZIPs up files for some games to make the download easier. This means it needs more processing power and bandwidth to operate. Luckily my server seems to handle it fine.

Other changes:
- I've fixed a bug with the download button when changing url after download.
- Added an on-page warning alert when a download isn't available.
- The report now shows you the download speeds.
- The url field now highlights on click.

Let me know if you have any issues and happy downloading. 😂